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    Make the most of Instagram with these apps

    If you are tired of all the Prisma posts which have taken over social media feeds of late, try getting better at your Instagram game. Great photography skills are a bonus, but thankfully, these apps will help just about anyone.

    Hippo Pics: When in doubt, ask an expert. With the Hippo Pics app, experts will edit your pictures for you. Just upload your picture to the app and let them do their thing.
    On apple.com/appstore

    Magnify for Instagram: Hashtagging your posts can be quite a chore, but the Magnify app is here to help. The app uses a keyword to add multiple hashtags on any given topic. For example, if you enter MagnifyFood and hit the spacebar, the app will automatically add up to 30 food- related hashtags. On play.google.com

    Buffer: Schedule when your Instagram posts go live with the help of Buffer. Once youa��ve planned your post and kept it ready, the app will post at the date and time specified by you. They also feature analytics to examine how much traction each post has gotten. While the buffer app isna��t new, it only recently added Instagram to its list of compatible social media platforms.On play.google.com and apple.com/appstore

    Camcorder – VHS Home Videos: If you are nostalgic about retro camcorders, this is just the app for you. The videos you record through the app have a time and date stamp and gray static lines, just like videos from the old days.
    On play.google.com

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