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    With Rocketium, make quality and informative videos in minutesA�

    SATEJ Sirur and Anurag Dwivedia��s Rocketium has undergone a makeover. Until May, it let you create simple games with a few clicks and taps. And now, you can generate semi-pro to pro quality videos on the platform in minutes. Since its app (Android and iOS) is awaiting upgradation, you can avail its bouquet of features on desktop. Or make a scratch video on your app, and access and modify it on the PC later.
    We asked Sirur how Rocketium is different from existing video maker tools, such as Animoto and iMovie? He says, a�?While these products are mostly used to make home or amateurish videos, Rocketium can produce high quality, informative clips by combining text, images, videos and effects. Our competition, so to speak, is with desktop editing tools like Adobe Premiere. So if you are a traveller, for instance, you can sum up your trip with a video like a�?10 things to do in Parisa��, or if you are a content-driven platform like a news website, you can make multimedia films. Content consumption has changed drastically in the last few years, and video stories seem to lead the trend.a�?
    Sirur likes to refer to Rocketium as the a�?Instagram of videosa�� because it offers 20 to 25 templates and around 15 effects. Other highlights include a library of a million free-to-use images. They also offer a hundred copyright-free audio files. a�?You can also transport video effects from a software, like Photoshop, onto our platform,a�? adds Sirur.

    Details: rocketium.com

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