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    For tots who think big, The Little Festival has three  plays and two panel discussions

    A  solo performance from Israel, a traditional South Korean musical and a mad space caper from namma Chennai—that’s what the fifth edition of The Little Festival has for kids this July. Spread over a week, from July 3 to 11, the festival’s theme is ‘Arts for a Changing World’. The Little Theatre (TLT) brought down Mediatheque Theatre from Israel, after TLT founder Aysha Rau caught one of their shows in Tel Aviv two years ago. The second show, The Tiger With White Eyebrows by Taroo from South Korea, was made possible by Inko Centre, while the third is a reworked version of last year’s Atita, with a different cast.

    The evolution
    The festival has evolved since its beginning in 2010, says Krishnakumar Balasubramaniam, a member of TLT. “This time around, we have added several workshops for children (they’ve visited seven schools so far) along with panel discussions and plays.” British Council is hosting the two panel discussions—Look at it differently! and Good morning art. While the former attempts to explain how creativity works, the latter focusses on how one can bring creative arts into mainstream education. “We wanted to make the festival substantial, so that it contributed to something,” says Rau.

    Show and tell Atita-The Curse of the Xeno
    July 3-4 at 11 am and July 5 at 3 pm, Egmore Museum Theatre.
    This play is not the same musical performed last year, Atita – The Curse of the Xeno, promises director Balasubramaniam. “Watch out for the steampunking, a set technique that reminds you of the industrial revolution with, you guessed it, lots of steam.”

    Butterfly Kiss
    photo_032July 7 at 11 am and 4 pm, Egmore Museum Theatre.
    The Israeli play is a solo presentation that combines music, video-art, animation, puppetry and shadow play. Performed by actor Hagar Tishman, it has another surprise: no dialogues.

    The Tiger with the White Eyebrows
    July 9 at 11 am and 7 pm, July 10 at 11 am, Egmore Museum Theatre.
    This traditional South Korean musical is the story of a mystical tiger who, when it wiggles its eyebrows, can read minds. And if the mind is evil, the tiger is said to eat that person. So what happens when a child wants to touch the tiger’s eyebrows? The play has the traditional four silver-tongued sorikkun (narrator) accompanied by Korean musical instruments.

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