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    Uday Benegal

    Lead singer of rock band Indus Creed, Uday Benegal, talksA�about his music taking a new direction

    Theirs is a journey worth reliving. A smashing hit, a break-up, a reunion, and now, Indus Creed is back to woo audiences. We speak to Uday Benegal, the lead singer-songwriter, who will be performing at Hyatt Regency today. He starts off by telling us what to expect at the concert. a�?Ia��m doing my second show this year with my recently relaunched band, Alms for Shanti, which is being produced by AGP (Ashvin Gidwani Productions). We did our first gig a couple of weeks ago in Bangalore and I was really happy with the way the band sounded. So Ia��m looking forward to bringing the music to Chennai. Ita��ll be a new experience for me in that Ia��m exploring a certain amount of Hindi element in these songs,a�? he says. The band is working on a new album and all Benegal says is a�?Ita��s harder! I love that we are going into deeper, bigger territorya��sonically and lyrically.a�?

    Rock culture
    As part of the band that released Indiaa��s first all-original rock album Rocka��na��Roll Renegade in 1988, Benegal shares his views, a�?Rock music in India is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Ita��s a very fertile time and there are great bands across the country who are blazing new trails through their creativity and expression.a�? Having sung in movies (Life is Crazy from Wake up Sid), he adds that the future of non-film music is very positive. a�?a�?I believe the current state of ferment is just the beginning. Ita��s just a matter of time before commerce catches up with the creativity and shepherds it all into a full-fledged industry,a�? he explains.

    Know the band
    Having performed on MTV Unplugged this year, Benegal claims he has been a fan of the format right from the beginning. a�?Getting heavily-produced bands to strip their material down to a barebones form was pure genius on the part of MTV. When they called Indus Creed last year to do an Unplugged, our reaction was a no-brainera��a�?Yes, of coursea��. And we loved the experience,a�? he says. As an independent band, Benegal claims that playing the bills is the biggest challenge. a�?Thata��s really at the crux of it. All else is built around it: how to develop a distinctive sound, write great songs, market yourself effectively, and build a following,a�? he says. As for what he is listening to right now,he says, a�?Weights and Measures by the British folk-rock/indie band Dry the River. I saw them play live
    in Bombay recently and was
    blown away.a�?

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