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    At a Yarn Club talk, Vani Polavaram will highlight sari making techniques that are fast vanishing

    This Saturday promises to be interesting for those who appreciate fine fabrics. The year-old Yarn Club of Apparao Galleries, a platform for people who are interested in textiles, will be hosting a talk by Vani Polavaram. a�?Vani is not only a member of the club but also has years of knowledge and business experience that can be seen in her store Lakshmi,a�? says Shreya Singh, events manager of Apparao Galleries. Singh shares that next month we can look forward to a talk on the history of lace and its use today. Meanwhile, Polavaram tells us what to look out for tomorrow:

    Expect a dialogue.
    I would rather have a discussion than a one sided talk. I’ll be bringing up topics like design plagiarism. It takes a long time to perfect a design and yet we find many upmarket stores selling fakes claiming that they are designer saris. We should draw a line and respect the work that goes into it.

    On dying sari-making techniques.
    I am from Andhra Pradesh and when I was a child, we used to wear Venkatagiri saris that were 120 count cotton. These are solely made in Andhra, but people stopped buying them because though they are priced high they do not look grand. The Kancheepuram technique of attaching a separate pallu is also dying because weavers are choosing to dye the pallu instead, which is not only easier but also cuts down on the product cost.

    Alternative fabrics to buy.
    We are doing a fabric that is Khadhi by Khadi Silk. Khadi is hand-spun cotton. We have done a hand spun silk over the past one year, which has received a lot of appreciation. We have some customers from as far as New Delhi who come to pick it up. The designs are actually traced and it is a time consuming process. They are priced at around Rs 15,000 onwards.

    Tomorrow, from 6.30 pm at Apparao Galleries. Details: 28332226

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