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    Zoo, starring Billy Burke, is heading towards its Season 1 finale

    Best known for his role as Charlie Swan in the hit franchise Twilight, actor Billy Burke is currently seen in TV thriller Zoo.The show is about five individuals and their relentless effort to combat the rise of a mysterious animal kingdom. Burke plays the veterinary pathology professor Mitch Morgan, a�?whoa��s a bit of a loner and tends to rub people the wrong waya�?. His character thinks hea��s seen it all until he starts to witness strange and violent occurrences around the globe.
    Burke tells us what appealed to him about the series, which is heading for its Season 1 finale.

    What drew you to the show?
    When the producers told me about the concept, I couldna��t think of any other show I knew of that I could compare it to. Ia��m a big fan of breaking new ground. So if there is the possibility of doing something that hasna��t been done before, I am in.

    What about Morgana��s character appealed to you the most?
    Ia��m rarely the super smart guy. Morgan actually backs up his smartness with being legitimately hyper-intelligent. I think therea��s a different kind of damage riding beneath the surface of guys who have spent a major portion of their lives educating instead of living.

    How did the production crew work with animals?
    Oh yes, we had actual animals on sets for every episode. If you see a bear, a leopard, a lion or a rat on the show, we worked with them. We would get everything that we could from an animala��s live performance, then enhance it later, if needed, with visual effects.

    You played the lead in the adventure series, Revolution. How different was it from Zoo?
    Revolution was physically more demanding. As Miles Matheson (a former US Marine Corps Sergeant), I was either fighting, running or in some sort of perilous situation almost every day. I did almost 100 per cent of my own stunts on that show. Mitch Morgan does get a mouth workout from time to time though. He tends to spew out some articulations only he understands.
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