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    This piece from Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika goes well with a sari. Perfect for mehendi ceremonies and weddings, this piece has golden metallic coin work with thread embroidery on the collar as well as chain tassels in artificial gold. Rs. 7,500. Available at the store in Mumbai. Details: 022 65230001

    Let your back do the talking with these stand out pieces. From heavy necklaces to multi-layered beads and chains, ita��s the back thata��s in focus. Jewellery designer Sumit Sawhney gives us some tips, a�?The thumb rule to have the right back piece is that it should not be cluttered. Choose from wide to long pieces going from the back of your neck to your spine and all the way to the lower back.a�?

    Text: Mrinalini Sundar


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