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More than just a custom-made motorcycle, the MV Agusta expands the boundaries of automotive design

When teasers started appearing, no one was sure whether it was just a concept or a showcase of the Italian manufacturer’s future design direction. Turns out, it was neither—the F4Z is in fact a one-off motorcycle built by MV Agusta for a wealthy Japanese businessman who is also a motorcycle connoisseur. MV has never done something like this before and if you thought that’s the only thing unique about it, then here’s more—it is designed by Zagato.

Milanese magic
Zagato is an Italian design house that is known for having sketched some of the most striking cars through its history such as the Lamborghini 3500GTZ and the Lancia Fulvia Sport. The F4Z is Zagato’s foray into motorcycle design and they’ve done an awesome job indeed. The F4Z is a timeless classic—its design not only seems to draw inspiration from old school fully-faired Grand Prix bikes, but also from simplicity and rationality. Various elements of the motorcycle still reflect Zagato’s experience in designing cars though—such as the flyscreen, and the mesh linings on the air vents as well as the hooded headlight. The MV Agusta Zagato F4Z is truly one of a kind and reflects its Japanese owner’s personality as much as it reflects the tradition and history of both MV Agusta and Zagato.

—Muntaser Mirkar


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