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    Neofolk band, Kalascima, on their debut India tour, musical ethos and future plans.

    The innate ability to turn any venue into a dance floor is the reason why Kalascima is so popular in the world music scene. This Salento-based band excels in seamlessly merging ancient southern Italian ritual dance music (think pizzica-tarantata) with cutting-edge electronic sounds. After multiple global performances last month (including one at Austina��s SXSW festival) the sexteta��comprising of Luca Buccarella, Massimiliano De Marco, Riccardo Basile, Aldo Iezza, Federico Lagana and Roberto Chigaa��are currently on their debut multi-city tour of India to promote their latest album Psychedelic Trance Tarantella and will perform in the city on April 13.

    a�?Our upbeat-energetic tracks are sung in the Griko dialect and deeply reflect our love for Salento and its passionate people. We try to stay anchored to our roots but at the same time look to the future by combining traditional instruments including the zampogna (Italian bagpipe) and tambourine with new-age synthesisers and drum machines,a�? explains accordionist Buccarella. Besides their globally chart-topping tune Meridionale, fans in Chennai can also expect a sneak peek into their new albuma��s melodic sounds via the title track Psychedelic Trance Tarantella and Due Mari (on which theya��ve collaborated with legendary Italian composer,Ludovico Einaudi). a�?Wea��ve already started working on a new album and intend to complete this world tour in the next few months, as wea��re performing in USA, Europe, Asia and Australia,a�? concludes vocalist De Marco.

    At Alliance Francaise, from 7 pm. Free entry. Details: eventjini.com

    a��Anoop Menon


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