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    At The Leela Palace, a selection ofA� handcrafted pastas for two weeks.

    IF you are looking for fine handcrafted pastas, Spectra, the all-day diner at The Leela Palace, has a fortnight-long promotion. a�?This is an event that happens every year at Spectra. This year, we have introduced 11 new dishes, all made with different kinds of pastas,a�? says executive chef, Dharmen Makhwana.
    For those with a hearty appetite, the linguine aragosta is perfect, as the rock lobster laced with brandy is a generous plateful. a�?While majority of our in-house pastas are hand-rolled, there are others like linguine which we buy,a�? Makhwana adds. Parmesan makes appearances in plates of carbonara ravioli (bacon), wild mushroom pyramidoli (truffle infused ragout) and pan seared gnocchi. Watch out for herbs like rosemary and basil in dishes like affron pappardelle and mint fettuccine, respectively. Fondue fans must not miss the palm heart and cream cheese offering served with tomato fondue and kalamata olives.
    Till August 21. Pastas from Rs 750 onwards. Details: 30853796

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