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The SR150 is as sporty as any of the Italian brandai??i??s superbikes and being so it justifies that Aprilia name brilliantly Where can i purchase lotrisone cream

2016 was a quirky year for small-engine two-wheelers in India ai??i?? first there was the very interesting Honda Navi and now thereai??i??s this ai??i?? the Aprilia SR150. Piaggio hopes the SR150 is the entry-point into the Italian bike brigade for a whole generation that will graduate up to bigger motorcycles eventually. Unlike its Vespa cousins, the SR150 isnai??i??t about retro styling ai??i?? itai??i??s all about performance.

Bold accents
Apr ilia has kept things simple ai??i?? you either get to buy a black one, or a white one ai??i?? and with those slick grey and red decals, both of them look as hot as a scooter can be. It is sharp and angled, the mechanical bits are decently chunky and with those fat, 14-inch fivespoke alloys shod with soft, racylooking 120/70 rubber, this is probably the most attractive, young scooter out there. Full marks for styling, but what else would you expect from the maker of the RSV4!

Riding impressions
The Aprilia SR150 isnai??i??t about practicality Ai??in the Indian sense of scooter norms ai??i?? no, you cannot fit an LPG cylinder on the floorboa rd and thereai??i??s just enough space there for a size-10 shoe. The handlebar seems a little lower down than regular scooters, thanks to the seat height ai??i?? it does tend to make the rider sit in a bit of a crouch, and further back in the seat which gives it a pseudo superbike feel and offers better control when riding hard. This is the kind of scooter youai??i??re better off riding solo, but thereai??i??s still enough space for two regularsized adults there. Either way, the Aprilia SR150 is a scooter that is in its element when you put it through quick direction changes. And then thereai??i??s that lovely 220mm disc up front with dual-piston callipers which, along with the telescopic front suspension just go the extra
distance in enhancing control.

Mechanical prowess
That brings us to the engine ai??i??ai??i?? essentially the same 150cc singlecylinder unit from the Vespa VXL150 that makes 11.5PS and 11.4Nm. Despite the all-plastic body,
the SR150 actually weighs two kilos heavier than its retro cousin but it does an exceptional job of masking it ai??i?? both at a standstill as well as when on the move. It accelerates extremely quick off the line and it gets even better as the speedometer goes northward of 50 kmph.

The verdict
All of that pretty much sums up the Aprilia SR150 and there can only be one conclusion ai??i?? no point being stuck with any other regular scooter if youai??i??re the sporty
types. At an ex-showroom price in Chennai of just over Rs 68,479 then, itai??i??s no wonder that there are so many of these out there already.

Details: aprilia.com


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