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    With mangoes, chocolate and marine algae calling the shots, the recipe for luxe skin care gets decadentA�

    As you stock up on sun screens and moisturises, what if we told you that slathering yourself head to toe with a maska��which has, among others, ingredients like black pepper and muda��is the best shortcut to dewy fresh skin? The body wrap is the seasona��s go-to indulgence to beat the heat and get back that glow. a�?Besides helping maintain the skina��s moisture balance, it exfoliates, opens pores and detoxifies the body,a�? says Dr Apratim Goel, the Mumbai-based skin specialist, adding, a�?Dona��t go for thick, creamy wraps. Instead, choose ones with ingredients like fullera��s earth, cucumber or sandalwood. Wraps with seasonal fruits like papaya are also great to combat tanning.a�? So we scouted around to see whata��s on offer in the city.

    A touch of sandalSandalwood in an olive wood spoon over white background.
    Soothe your skin with Sreegandha, a nourishing sandalwood wrap, at Antahpura Spa. Harnessing the moisturising and anti-pigmentation properties of freshly-ground sandal, along with the anti-bacterial benefits of jatamansi (a herbal root), this wrap, which includes fullera��s earth (detox) and rose essence (anti-bacterial), promises to balance pH levels, cool the body and give you supple, glowing skin in 60 minutes.
    Rs 2,600 plus tax. Details: 71771234

    Minty dialogue
    Keep your cool at Aura, with their Summer Indulgence body wrap. With the triple cooling properties of cucumber, mint and ragi, this 40-minute treatment promises to first purify your body by eliminating toxins and then improve the elasticity, tone and texture of your skin. Not surprising, considering their added benefits: soothing sunburn, tightening pores, reducing cellulite and fading spots. Rs 2,200. Details: 42676000

    The spice route
    Therea��s a double treat in store for you at the Taj spas. At Jiva Grande (Coromandel), the 120-minute Sushupti treatment sets the mood with an aromatic footbath. Then a blend of besan, honey, fresh cream and 22 herbs (including sariba and vetiver) is generously applied. Its benefitsa��like hydration and anti-pigmentationa��are further enhanced with a soak in raw milk and a relaxing massage. `7,000. Meanwhile, at Taj Club Housea��s Jiva Spa, the 120-minute Jivaniya promises exfoliation, relaxation and luminescent skin. Their heat-stimulating spice wrapa��which includes cloves, ginger, cinnamon and black peppera��improves blood circulation, while detoxing and improving texture. This is followed by a massage. Rs 4,850. Details: tajhotels.com

    Playing with mudThe Royal Tented Raj Spa/Rambagh Palace/Jaipur/India
    We cana��t overstate how good sandalwood is for this season. Targeting prickly heat, sunburn, patchy skin and more, ita��s an all-in-one skin enhancer. At Siddh Spa, their 60-minute Chandana Wrap is rich in the freshly-ground wood, along with rich mineral mud, herbs (like basil and lavender) and flowers (like ketaki and tuberose)a��all combined with milka��to nourish your skin. Rs 1,950 plus taxes. Details: 61001234

    Mango in the mix You will be spoilt for choice at Glow, with a selection of four decadent wrapsa��all lasting 75-minutes.
    Their Honey & Oats body wrap will exfoliate, hydrate and tighten skin, while their Chocolate & Nuts mask promises to penetrate deep into the skin, to hydrate and nourish. Be warned, you might be tempted to sneak in a lick!
    Keeping it seasonal is the Mango & Papaya mask, which contains ascorbic and alantoin lactic acida��which brightens, helps boost collagen levels and purifies skin to impart radiance. Finally, the Coffee & Green Tea mask stimulates blood circulation, reduces melanin levels and makes the skin firmer. Rs 3,500 plus taxes. Details: 22310101

    Marine matters
    One of the signatures at Espa, the Mind and Body Re-Balancer is a luxurious, 120 minute treatment that begins with a salt-and-oil body scrub, followed by a relaxing massage, all preparing the way for their full body wrap. The heated mask, using either marine algae or marine mud (according to skin type), is smoothed on, giving you hydration, detox and conditioning at one go. While the body is cocooned in a cotton wrap, you are also treated to a relaxing head massage. Rs 7,800 plus taxes. Details: 33661234

    Go bananas
    With nutrients like vitamin C and B-6, the red banana is a great way to hydrate the skin, maintain its elasticity and get the glow that is so key in summer. At Naturals, their red banana, milk, honey and oats wrap is slathered on liberally before they let you relax for 15 minutes to get all the benefits. A great one for people in a hurry. 3,500.
    Details: 45504080

    Papaya, anyone?2
    With the sun at its peak, who among us isna��t plagued by dehydration, tanning and patchy skin? At Paradise Spa, they offer solutions with their customised all-natural wraps. To minimise tan, opt for their fruit wrapa��with besan flour, yoghurt and honey, the addition of fruits like papaya, make this an effective one. For cooling or hydration, there are wraps with cucumber and mint or avocado and musk melon. Each lasts 30 minutes. Rs 2,750 plus tax. Details: 93644 55440

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