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    Sunny Leone on hosting MTV Splitsvilla 9, A�painting her hair blue, and pink, A�and the rules of relationships

    2016 has been a busy year for Sunny Leone. She has had two film releases (Mastizaade, and One Night Stand), and is excited about Beiimaan Love hitting theatres in August. Meanwhile, she wrote an e-book of 12 short erotic stories, Sweet Dreams, and launched her perfume line, Lust. She also has plans to roll out a range of lipsticks, nail polish, mascara, and lotions. And last month, she made time for her third appearance on dating reality show, MTV Splitsvilla, as its host.
    She had a fun time shooting for the soon-to-be-aired Season 9 of MTV Splitsvilla in Pondicherry, and thata��s her philosophy a�� Life is too short, have fun.The adult star-turned-Bollywood actress recalls, a�?We shot at the Ocean Spray resort. Ita��s so beautiful that I can stay there forever. Also, my co-host (Rannvijay Singha) would say some of the most outrageous things in the heat of the moment, and then we both wouldna��t stop laughing.a�?
    A look at her recent Instagram and Facebook posts, and you will know Leone has been in an experimental mode lately. She is sporting a blue and pink hairdo. She laughs, and tells us, a�?Thata��s for this show! When you are doing movies, or promoting them, you cana��t really experiment with your hairstyle. But since Splitsvilla is a young show, I told my hairstylist, who is from Prague, and makeup artiste, who is from Germany, a�?You guys do whatever you want to do for the next 30 daysa��. So you will see me in 60-70 looks on the show, sporting blue-purple,
    electric blue and pink hair colours.a�?

    Guiding light
    Amid all the fun, Leone and Singha have a serious task at hand, which is to guide 15 celebrity boys, and girls staying in the villa to find a�?lovea��. This hunt is strewn with challenging tasks, jealousy, hatred, and fights. While Leone doesna��t divulge details about this yeara��s theme a�?Where Women Rulea��, she shares, a�?Ita��s the connection between individuals, be it friendship, love or romance, that play a huge role in Splitsvilla. These connections take the game forward. On the show, Singha and I often hear these contestants saying that they want to keep their options open. But we tell them ita��s all about finding that one connection. We look at things from the outside, not from an emotional standpoint.a�?
    Any relationship rules that she swears by? a�?Trust, compromise and respect,a�? says the Ragini MMS 2 star. While she does think that chivalry is desirable, a�?girls must not take advantage of the fact that they are girls,a�? and, a�?treat their men how they want themselves to be treated,a�? she adds.
    Being a celebrity inevitably puts your personal life in the spotlight, so how does Leone and her husband-cum-business manager, Daniel Weber handle this? a�?We are madly in love. Hea��s my best friend and I am his. We have nothing to worry about. There are times when I see girls hitting on him. He then gives me that a�?Arena��t you going to save me?a�� look. Ita��s so cute to watch his face turn red. I know that hea��s not going anywhere.a�?
    Premieres June 11. 7 pm on MTV

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