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    Bushido Denims takes comfort of bespoke jeans to a new level

    He may love his shorts madly, but Hrushabh Patel became the owner and designer of Bushido Denim, a bespoke brand of raw denim, almost by accident. a�?While studying film at New York university, I did a stint with FIT. So for my final project, I chose something completely alien to me a�� jeans. A friend put me in touch with a manufacturer in Japan who made me a comfortable pair of jeans a�� so comfy, that I wouldna��t miss my shorts (much),a�? he says, taking us back to when it all began. One pair became another and several more as family and friends got in on it and it soon turned into a full-fledged business. a�?Bushido Denim was created with the unified vision that jeans are simple and pure,a�? emphasises Patel, explaining that Bushido means the way of the warrior. And a�?as the samurai dedicated their life to duty, a craftsman dedicates his life towards perfectiona��.

    Bushido Denims are far from regular jeans. They offer selvedge denim, a special weave with continuous cross-threads resulting in clean edges rather than frayed ones. The current collection has four styles in selvedge and raw denim (made from 100 per cent organic cotton), in traditional denim colours. The Vintage Wash and Rinse Wash use white selvedge denim and Rubber Ball Wash (Raw) and Wash (Dipped) use red variations. Their fits are both slim and regular and though trendy, are apparently focussed more on the comfort of the wearer a�� something that Patel believes sets them apart.

    a�?Most of our products can be worn around the year, with a few exceptions, like a denim jacket lined with merino wool for winter,a�? he shares, adding that his designs are inspired by the a�?a�?simple pleasures of life like music, film, art, culture, cars and fashiona��a��.
    Since three countries are involved in the making of each pair, it is no wonder that the level of comfort they promise is phenomenal. a�?Design is handled in New York City and Mumbai, while manufacturing and finishing happens in Japan. Essentially, we also use old shuttle looms in Okayama, cotton from Zimbabwe, buttons and back patches from Turkey,a�? says Patel, elaborating that Bushido Denim shorts are the next big thing lined up for theA� mena��s collection.

    Patel assures us that the womena��s line is in the pipelineA� with a special soon-to-be-launched cotton denim dress, a cotton corset denim dress, a romper and selvedge boyfriend jeans. a�?I want to make jeans that make men and women all around the world feel good and look good. The first step was to impress myself with the first pair a�� and to fit my own criteria a�� comfort, quality, fit and style,a�? PatelA� admits candidly to targeting everyone from hipsters to entrepreneurs and artists to bikers. And perhaps a�?a�?even babiesa��a�� in the future!

    Rs. 10,000 upwards. Details: bushidodenim.com

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