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    This quaint little place in Indiranagar is bringing A�gourmet back to the cafA� A�culture .

    A steaming mug of hot chocolate can give rise to a lot of questions. For instance, why do most salads come with too much dressing? How is it good to have forcefully wilted leaves, and what does one do with all the dressing thata��s left on the plate once the salad is over?
    At Lazy Suzy however all I could think of was that a�?my hot chocolate should have been thickera��. They fixed it immediately though with a cup of deliciously rich concoction.

    Food9lead1Food9lead4A pretty yellow bungalow marked with the logo of a snoozing blue cat, Lazy Suzy is hard to miss. The dA�cor is simple, and rather charming. The menu is even simpler, for now at least. A labour of love for ex-Oberoi chef Anurag Barthwal, who roped in another colleague, Udayshankar Shenoy, the place, which opened less than a month ago, will reinvent the way salads, sandwiches, and desserts are served in the city cafA�s.
    We began with the mesclun salad, and the herb rubbed grilled chicken breast salad. The mesclun is a simple composition of delicious chunks of roasted beef, ultra juicy cherry tomatoes, orange segments, mixed lettuce, all tossed in a citrus herb vinaigrette. In fact, the chef uses only as much of vinaigrette as required. The chicken breast salad has green olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, in a herb, garlic, and balsamic vinaigrette. Ia��d have liked the grilled chicken slices to be slightly more tender, but it didna��t spoil it for me.

    The artisanal sandwiches here are definitely worth the money. The chicken tikka ciabatta, which adds an Indian touch to the menu, has chicken tikka pieces, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and curried mayonnaise packed between two slices of sourdough ciabatta bread. Crisp, and fresh, Ia��d say the bread ought to get half the credit for the way the sandwich tastes. Then again, the chicken tikka needs a little more flavouring, given that it is a�?India inspireda��. The Lazy Suzy deli packs in a punch. Two slices of soft corn bread are stuffed with ham, pepperoni, chicken lyonner, gherkins, caramelised onions, and pesto mayo. And they havena��t killed the taste with mayo, so thata��s good.

    Food9LeadsaladSince Barthwal is known for his baking skills, we couldna��t possibly leave without dessert. And before I wax eloquent about his version of the red velvet, leta��s talk about the Belgian chocolate marquee. A chocolate cylinder, with a raspberry centre a�� this one is bound to do well. Not only is the dessert low on the sugar factor, ita��s also eggless, and thata��s a huge plus. The red velvette cake here is in fact a reversed version. What hea��s done is made a plain Genoise sponge cake, and layered it with French butter cream that gets its colour from beetroot. Plus ita��s moist, and way less sweet than the usual blood red velvet. Therea��s more coming, as they plan to add more sandwiches, and other treats to the menu. I have to go back for the chocolate A�clair though.
    Rs.1,100 (meal for two). 80 Feet Road. Details: 49653565

    a��Priyadarshini Nandy


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