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    In a space thata��s lacking gender-specific shows, Chennai Livea��s Man Fridaya��a show that discussed mena��s issuesa��filled a vacuum. And when it went off air in December last year, it was sorely missed. Now the radio stationa��one of the few to have content-driven programminga��is back with something new. a�?Man on the Edge is a one-hour show that talks about ordinary men who live extraordinary lives. It is part of Niladria��s three-hour segment, Evening Drive,a�? explainsA� Franklin John, the producer.

    The big dream
    The show, which went on air last week, is expected to have a 40-episode run (to end sometime early next year), and John says they arena��t targeting any particular demographic. a�?It will appeal to all because we plan to feature a wide variety of interesting people (mostly Chennai denizens) who have big dreams,a�? he says. The first guest on the show was entrepreneur Sarathbabu Elumalai, an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and BITS Pilani, and a local hero. a�?Our format is more like a radio documentarya��so the guest will talk about where he started in life, what hea��s doing now, and what his goals are. For instance, Sarathbabu wants to employ one lakh people,a�? he adds.

    Listening in
    According to John, the showa��s USP is Niladria��who has a way of bringing out storiesa��and the research that goes into it. a�?Ita��s too early to talk about how well the show is doing, but the initial feedback has been really great. And our next onea��which may feature a 26-year-old Dindigal boy whose dream in life was to go to Loyola College, and now runs a centre to educate othersa��promises to be a good one, too,a�? John signs off.

    Every Thursday, from 8 pm to 9 pm. Details: facebook.com/chennailive104.8

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