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    This month brings hot premieres and fresh seasons of popular shows to the telly. Our pick:
    Game of Thrones
    The creators veer from George RR Martina��s books and trailers hint at tomboy Arya Stark getting a lady-like makeover though her skills go to the next level at Bravos. Tyrion gets a beard and Oberyna��s people return for revenge. Season five world premiere Monday, April 13 at 6.30 am on HBO Defined.
    Mad Men1
    The concluding half season of Mad Men, have the six original characters, Don, Peggy, Betty, Peter, Joan and Roger, tying up loose ends. One character goes on a blind date, an iconic hosiery brand is created, and spilled red wine means death is imminent. John Slattery (Roger Sterling) hints that the last episode will be shocking. a�?It was surprising to the end. The difficult part of ending something like this is that it seems inevitable and yet unpredictable.a�? Starts Monday at 10 pm on Star World Premiere HD
    Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) is millionaire record producer whose terminal illness forces him to pick an heir from among his three sons. But Hakeem, the youngest is a spoiled junkie, middle son Jamal is mature and capable, but despised by Lyon for being gay. The eldest, Andre, is intelligent but doesna��t like music. When Lyona��s wife, Cookie is released after 17 years in prison, she has plans of her own. Starts April 2 on Star World Premiere.
    The Comeback
    Lisa Kudrow stars in season two of The Comeback, airing on HBO Defined, eight years after the original run. A satirical look at the television industry, it follows Valerie (Kudrow) cast as a fictionalised version of her character on the previous season in an HBO series entitled Seeing Red. At 9.20 pm on March 23.
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