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    The cocktail bar Three Dots and A Dash is here to give you a taste of their heady concoctions

    bootlegger during the Prohibition, Don The Beachcomber, founder of Tiki restaurants, and bar owner during the 30s and 40s, created a marvellous rum-based cocktail called Three Dots and A Dash. In Morse, it stands for a�?Va��, a symbol signifying victory. Created to pay tribute to the achievements and sacrifices of American soldiers in the Second World War, the drink was one of the many created by the man. The drink was marked by its obvious garnish, three cherries and a long slice of pineapple skewered together to form the three dots and a dash in Morse. In Chicago, Three Dots and A Dash is a relatively known tiki cocktail bar, with a menu that features about 20 odd cocktails, and a much shorter food menu, and on it is the Three Dots and A Dash in a slightly different variant.
    The new Tiki bar in Indiranagar, also called Three Dots and A Dash, draws a fair bit of inspiration from the one in Chicago, paying ode along the way to Don The Beachcomber. The Three Dots And a Dash here is not identical to the original one though, but ita��s still got rum in it, and the garnish. And the addition of cherry brandy, and a dash of caramel, makes this one a winner. Then therea��s the Zombie Punch (yet another Beachcomber creation) that comes in a slick skull-shaped glass. Made with rum, brandy, and fruit juices a�� ita��s well made, and rather potent.For hard-core drinkers, the Treasure Chest, which also appears on the Chicago bar menu, is a five-litre cocktail that literally comes in a treasure chest, and will knock you out before the night is over. Ita��s of course meant to be shared. The food menu here however is not restricted to bar food. But I frankly dona��t see anyone venturing towards the main course at a place like this. Done up to create that Polynesian ambience, the casualness of this cocktail bar is best enjoyed over their cocktails and finger food.
    So whether you order the herb crusted stuffed mushrooms, the tempura prawns, the lamb kofta kebabs etc, the idea is to stick to the small plates. Therea��s nothing particularly wrong with the food a�� most of them are pretty well finished, but considering that ita��s just about a week old, a few quirks need to be ironed out for them to achieve what theya��re hoping for. But till then, let the delicious cocktails keep you happy!
    `1,400 (for two, including two cocktails). 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar. Details 41630303
    a�� Priyadarshini Nandy


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