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Ita��s the season to be jolly, give thanks for all the blessings we have in our lives, and the time to share our abundance with people who are not as fortunate as we are. Love, in my books, is an emotion that we are quite stingy with, and ita��s about time that we learn to gift wrap it and dole it out with wanton abandon. After all dahlings, we all know that only a�?love makes the world go round,a�� dona��t we?

Emily and Tom McSweeny
threw open their lovely home to host a fund raiser for the unfortunate people of the Philippines
who were ravaged by the destructive hurricane Helen.
Why they are compelled to name all natural disasters after women is beyond me! Women are nurturers, and are ill equipped to ravage anything. We may wreak revenge yes, indeed. But ravage? A big resounding no! It was truly heart-warming to see a such a large turnout of people who supported this effort and cause. Hurrah to that and humanity.
Of course we also a�?gave ina�� to our carnal need to stuff our faces, when we attended a great Thanksgiving party hosted by Ema Trinidad, at Habanero in the posh locality of Indiranagar. The gregarious owner, Griffith David and his lovely wife Elizabeth (who cooked an amazing turkey meal) made all the guests feel very welcome. The flowing vino a�� courtesy Alpine Wines and well made Caipiroskasa�� just added more to the general merriment.
Ita��s great to see a�?Namma Bengalurua�� transform into a
multi-cultural hotspot where one needs any excuse to celebrate and party. I for one, certainly give thanks to that.
Good friend Jyotika Dhawan gave us a highly exclusive glimpse of her very beautiful line of couture jewelry at her fabulous home. Over steaming cups of hazelnut flavoured coffee and divine canapA�s, an admiring group of her friends bought up the entire collection in a blink of an eye.
The gorgeous neck pieces
were very elegantly (literally) scooped up by beautiful women before a rival buyer could say the proverbial a�?Jack Robinson!a�� Now thata��s what I would call a a�?felinea�� fight. A cat fight is so plebeian
my dahlings.
Ruma and Vinay Singh epitomise everything elegant
and sophisticated. So it was no surprise that the luncheon, thrown in their fabulous penthouse, reflected their fine sensibilities. A close group of like-minded friends enjoyed a fabulous Bengal-inspired repast, scintillating conversation paired with a selection of some of the finest wines. But naturally, as Ruma herself is a leading Oenophile (wine aficionado before those with naughty bent of mind think otherwise).
I, for one, am truly thankful.

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