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Fashion brand Vero Moda has brought a new concept of highlighting one key summer trend inspired by international fashion every single week. This upcoming would be all about Japanese Blooms. Titled as #TRENDYVEROMODA campaign, the brandA�brings fast fashion, straight from the international runways.
Summer brings with it a new beginning and bittersweet reminiscing of what-could-have-been. The collection has bags, tops, shorts, shoes, jeans, skirts, hats and scalf with botanical, floral and mermaid designs.
Well, ita��s time to rekindle some memories with this latest collection which has been inspired by Japanese trends. Building upon the fluidity, femininity and aura of spring that these beautiful flowers symbolise, this collection will surely make you look classy during the summers.
The Japanese Bloom collection will be highlighted in all Vero Moda stores from April 18 to April 24, 2016. Vero Moda currently has 173 exclusive brand outlets and is present in over 379 shop-in-shops in external multi-brand stores throughout India.
The brand is present in 46 countries through more than 2,800 chain stores and 12,000 external multi-brand stores. Price: `3,000 (++) Details: 43366068


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