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    Stock up on dolls, wall panels and other treasures from Tokyo at Domus this weekend

    A slice of Japan has just made its way into the Domus store at La Maison Rose. OwnerA� Claude Dalmais, who is known to globetrot in his quest to find antiques and vintage curios, returned from Japan last month after a fantastic time at the markets in Tokyo. a�?I hadna��t been to Japan in 30 years. So when a friend from Pondya��s La Maison Rose restaurant invited me on a holiday, I seized the opportunity. I spent most of my time scouring the markets for antiques and silk kimonos, though my favourite from the lot is aA� Samurai wall painting, which I believe is the perfect accessory for a Pondicherry home,a�? he says, adding that he favours wooden and metal statuesa��he has brought back over 40 of them.
    Offering silk kimono ensembles in bright pinks and blues, complete with their obi (traditional belts), the collection includes vintage collectibles such as Japanese antique dolls with real hair, beaded silk fans, stationery like notepads with silk jackets, calligraphy pens and bookmarks with Japanese motifs on them.
    From Rs 250 to Rs 25,000. Details: 0413 4210807

    Niranjana Hariharanandanan


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