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    IN INDIA for the first time for a multi-city tour, the band is made up of pianist RA�mi Panossian, drummer Frederic Petitprez and Maxime Delporte on the double bass. Panossian shares their Indian influences, and why jazz is a musical form in constant flux.

    Are there any Indian musicians whose work you follow? 1
    Ia��ve been introduced to Indian music by listening to guitarist John McLaughlin from the Remember Shakti Project. Ia��m also impressed by Zakir Hussain, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Vikku Vinayakram, and the great percussionnist Trilok Gurtu. Fred has a better knowledge of Indian music, but wea��re all curious.

    Tell us about playing here for the first time.
    Wea��ve had seven tours in Asia to date, mostly in the Far East (Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan), but it is our first in India. We have a passion for discovering new countries and cultures, so we want to feed ourselves with Indian culture, food, landscapes, peoplea�� and in return share our music and culture with the people wea��ll meet.

    What gives jazz universal appeal?
    Ita��s the free side of the music, and this music has always changed and evolved with the times, taking on new influences. This is why jazz is everywhere and still growing.

    Tell us about your influences.
    Fred has listened a lot to world music, classical music and punk rock. Max is into classical music and progressive rock. And I listen to old rock music such as The Velvet Underground and The Rolling Stones, plus modern ones like Radiohead. We all love also funk, soul and hip-hop music. Wea��re just trying to make the music we love combining all of this.

    What has been your biggest high point to date?
    Playing at the Montreal Jazz festival, or at the Taichung Jazz Festival in Taiwan facing 15,000 people, and our first concerts in Japan and South Korea. Ia��m sure we will have some new memories from India!

    What can we expect from the Wednesday performance?
    Improvisation is a big part of our music, and the concert will be mostly music from our upcoming album RP3, plus some songs from older albums BBANG and ADD FICTION. Songs like Runawa, BBQ and Add Fiction are always appreciated, as they have a dance rhythm, and people can move along with the music.

    Free event. March 25, 7 pm. At Alliance FranA�aise.
    Details: 40808181
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