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Putting theA�Renegade through aA�rafting course toA�show you what aA�true-blue 4×4 can do

WHEN you think Jeep, you immediatelyA�picture a mammoth SUVA�moving ef fortlessly throughA�slush, rocks and everything anA�off-road trail can throw at you. InA�its latest feat, the American manufacturerA�decided to go a stepA�further, to see if the RenegadeA�can conquer the waters.
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The Jeep Renegade didna��t justA�wade through still waters; ratherA�it took on the high-speed currents
in an Olympic-standardA�whitewater rafting coursea��aA�first for a vehicle like this.A�Piloting the Renegade wasA�Olympic snowboarder and RedA�Bull ambassador, Aimee Fuller.A�She drove it through theA�250-metre course at Cardiff a��sA�International White Water
Centre while dealingA�with four tonnes of water rushingA�past every second. TheA�route also subjected the vehicleA�to a 30-foot drop and tremendous
hydraulic pressure fromA�the water. It came awayA�unscathed despite the lack ofA�too many modifications. ToA�ready the Renegade for thisA�ordeal, Jeep only added a fewA�minor adaptations, includingA�creating four drain holes in theA�foot wells and raising the airA�bag ECU by half an inch.
Navigating IndiaA�Jeep is coming to India and itA�has confirmed that it will beA�bringing the Wrangler and theA�Grand Cherokee. Pictures of a
camouflaged Renegade testdrivingA�on Indian roads areA�enough to give us hope thatA�it may soon be part of Jeepa��sA�India line-up. Leta��s keep our
fingers crossed.A�Watch the Jeep RenegadeA�whitewater rafting video atA�youtube/b8B91s4BVFs



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