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Putting the Renegade through a rafting course to show you what a true-blue 4×4 can do

WHEN you think Jeep, you immediately picture a mammoth SUV moving ef fortlessly through slush, rocks and everything an off-road trail can throw at you. In its latest feat, the American manufacturer decided to go a step further, to see if the Renegade can conquer the waters.
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The Jeep Renegade didn’t just wade through still waters; rather it took on the high-speed currents
in an Olympic-standard whitewater rafting course—a first for a vehicle like this. Piloting the Renegade was Olympic snowboarder and Red Bull ambassador, Aimee Fuller. She drove it through the 250-metre course at Cardiff ’s International White Water
Centre while dealing with four tonnes of water rushing past every second. The route also subjected the vehicle to a 30-foot drop and tremendous
hydraulic pressure from the water. It came away unscathed despite the lack of too many modifications. To ready the Renegade for this ordeal, Jeep only added a few minor adaptations, including creating four drain holes in the foot wells and raising the air bag ECU by half an inch.
Navigating India Jeep is coming to India and it has confirmed that it will be bringing the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee. Pictures of a
camouflaged Renegade testdriving on Indian roads are enough to give us hope that it may soon be part of Jeep’s India line-up. Let’s keep our
fingers crossed. Watch the Jeep Renegade whitewater rafting video at youtube/b8B91s4BVFs



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