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Movies thatA�immortalisedA�automobiles asA�deadly instrumentsA�of violence

A finned 1958 Plymouth Fury lives up to
her name in this Stephen King thriller
about a sentient car that mows down all
those who irk its owner. While it looks
harmless and endearing when tucked
away in her garage, Christine develops
quite the lust for blood as the
movie progresses.

car2Maximum Overdrive
Another campy thrill ride from the
master of horror, Stephen King,
Maximum Overdrive is set in a world
inhabited by animated machines that
aim to dominate humans. Featured here
are all manner of trucks turned
homicidala��starting from Ford pickups
and Chevy vans to massive carriers. Even
without SFX, their grilles and front
fascias look mean and deadly.

car3The Car
Nothing spells sinister like a mysterious
black car on a murderous rampage. A 1971
Lincoln Continental Mark III stars here as
the car in question and looks every bit the
part. This killer car even manages to resist
damage to its windshields and tyres when
the protagonist shoots at it.


cat4Death Proof
Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) drives, and
sometimes offers rides to women, in a
Chevrolet Nova or a Dodge Chargera��
both of which are crash-resistant
everywhere, save for the co-drivera��s
seat. The black paint job and the skull
and bone decal on the bonnet are
enough to convey the stuntmana��s
lethal intentions.


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