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    Be it sheep farms, edgy stores or pastry display cases, these
    globetrotting fashion designers take us behind Instagram images to show how they inspire. By Team Indulge

    Nachiket Barve in Paris

    Paris isna��t unknown territory for Nachiket Barve, who spent a year there at the design school ENSAD. a�?This city fires all the neurons in my head,a�? he confesses, adding that on a nine-day trip in March with his wife, he interspersed worka��Paris Fashion Weeka��with a lot of a�?just absorbing the sights and soundsa�?. From the food and street performances to the installations in shops, it is a high-voltage stimulus, adds the designer, whose clothes with a story are devoured by style mavens. a�?We visited Les Halles and Marais, with its vintage shops and independent designer boutiques, where larger trends get noticed first,a�? he continues, having photographed the Gothic architecture and the a�?unreala�? colours of spring, some of which will be reflected in his next collection.

    Sarah & Sandeep Gonsalves in MaldivesIMG_8836

    Husband and wife duo Sarah and Sandeep Gonsalves found a beach holiday in the Maldives to be the perfect break. a�?The area is a beach lovera��s paradise, with clear waters and gentle sands. We indulged in authentic local seafood, deep sea scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling,a�? shares Sarah. A sea-view bungalow at the Hotel Velassaru offered privacy and the chance to kick back after the hectic festival season, as well as the opportunity to soak in the myriad shades of blue around them, re-visiting some of the core aesthetics of their bespoke menswear label, SS Homme. The island paradise has also initiated their Spring Summer 2015 line, Summetry, where the predominant colour palette comprises a�?hues of blues, greys and sand browns,a�? according to Sandeep

    Shivan & Narresh in NY

    Like most people, designer duo Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja are not immune to New Yorka��s charms. a�?Everytime we visit, from the art and design to its varied gastronomical treats, the city is an adventure,a�? says Kukreja, who prefers to stay near Central Park, closer to cultural activities across the citya��from the meatpacking district to the eclectic art galleries of Chelsea and SoHo. a�?A favourite would be eating at The Modern at the Museum of Modern Art, a perfect amalgamation of art and food!a�? adds Bhatiya. Inspiration? a�?Our latest spring summer a��15 collection borrowed from the delicate kinetic sculptures of Alexander Calder, spotted at the Museum of Modern Art as well as JFK airport,a�? concludes Kukreja.

    Anand Bhushan in Stockholm

    Art made quite an impression on Anand Bhushan during his recent trip to Stockholm. Besides the Moderna Museet (a�?where the Maman installation by Louise Bourgeois greeted mea�?), he also visited the Fotografiska (photography) and The Vasa Museum (maritime). a�?Ia��ve brought back lots and lots of pictures and knicknacksa��like vintage clothing and textilesa��which, when I start conceptualising my new collection, will go up on the inspiration board,a�? he says. Bhushan soaked in a�?the Scandinavian sensibilitya�?, especially in the old city, Gamla Stan, with its little shops and local designers. a�?I really liked how simple and beautifully handmade everything was. I don’t normally relate to simple, but the detailing was so immaculate,a�? he recalls.

    FASHION is no stranger to globetrotting. The colourful stories narrated through cotton, silk and needlework on glitzy runways often begin w4ith a boarding pass to somewhere exotic. Back in 2012, the historic Ottoman Empire inspired the collections of heavyweight designers like Tarun
    Tahiliani and J J Valaya. Instanbul continues to be a reference point for younger designers like Urvashi Kaur, whose sustainable fashion borrows inspiration from whirling dervishes (she is adding tribal China to her mood board). With many Indian designers educated abroad, there is a vibrant mix of Indian heritage and global ideas. Think Nachiket Barve and the body art and rituals from African deserts or tattoos from the Maori tribe seen in his collections. So this summer, we present designer wanderlust via Instagram holiday snaps from 12 of the best. Read on.

    Sanchita Ajjampur in Milan

    For someone who owns property in Milan, Sanchita Ajjampur is just as animated about the things she saw and did there over the last two weeks, as a first time visitor. The two-week-old Prada Foundation located in an old distillery in an industrial area of Milan was top on Ajjampura��s agenda. a�?Ita��s a sprawling, open space that houses all kinds of arta��from sculptures to paintings, film, acoustics and interactive experiences,a�? shares the designer, who is known for her timeless, free-flowing fashion. a�?What struck me most was the gold building, covered in 24-karat gold leaf. It reminded me of the golden temples of the East, like the one at Amritsar. It could possibly influence my next collection,a�? she concludes.

    Nikhil Thampi in Krabi
    All set to style Dutch electronic dance music legend Armin van Buuren on his India tour next month, Nikhil Thampi is spoiling for a holiday. After all, his last break was in June 2014! a�?It was a last-minute plan to Krabi in Thailand,a�? says Thampi, who was dragged along by friends and wanted something peaceful and rejuvenating. a�?Ia��m an absolute control freak so I planned fun, non-tourist expeditions like hunting out a secluded cave restaurant called the Grotto. We walked for hours, hopped islands, spoke in sign language and finally reached the gorgeous restaurant and it was the most romantic meal of my life,a�? he says, adding that the view from his villa of the ocean and the anchored boats, and a�?the glaze of the sun on the watera�? inspired his use of reflective fabrics in his designs.

    Yogesh Chaudhary in Rome

    Seeing original work by French artist Henri Matisse in Rome was one of the highlights of an 11-day European honeymoon for Yogesh Chaudhary. a�?I love Matissea��s fluid shapes and free spirit. Expect my new collection to be very graphic and to be more directly influenced by his work than whata��s come before,a�? he shares. Apart from mask-making in Venice and having a first encounter with snow in Lucerne, Switzerland, where the couple stayed in a heritage property, Palace Lucerne, Chaudhary found time to soak up the street culture in all three cities. a�?What inspired me the most was seeing the work ethic of street artistsa��there was one guy who was folding real leaves to make butterflies!a�? he says.

    Namrata Joshipura in Tokyo

    Eternally inspired by the mountains, Namrata Joshipura agrees that travel a�?a�?helps you look at things from a different perspective.a��a�� That her latest escapade to the Annapurna basecamp in Nepal will influence her next collection is a given. a�?a�?The vibrant colours of flowers all along the trek inspire use of texture and it comes out in subtle aspects of design like print and pattern,a��a�� says the avid trekker, whose trip to Japan last year also gave her food for art. a�?a�?I was fascinated by Tokyoa��s quirky and refreshing street style. Even the architecture, especially the doors at Maison Margiela Omotesando and other details in Shibuya,a��a�� she smiles, referring to her futuristic A/W collection, elecTRON.

    Pallavi Mohan in the Himalayas

    Every year, Pallavi Mohan and her husband Sidharth go on one unusual holiday. This April, it was a trek to the Everest Base Camp. a�?We walked for 11 days, sleeping in tents and at lodges where over 100 people were forced to share a single bathroom, and I realised how much I valued basic amenities like access to hot water,a�? says Mohan. Inspired by this, her next collection will be a�?quite basic in its essence, using a lot of cotton and other natural fabrics.a�? What kept them motivated was the challenge and the pristine beauty around them. a�?I use a lot of white. But seeing all the shades of snow, my new designs will have lots more of the colour, along with aquaa��for the skya��and the bright green of the grass,a�? she says.

    Rahul Mishra in Australia

    His sophomore collection The Village brought in rave reviews at the Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, and Rahul Mishra credits his time in Australia for the entire line. a�?a�?We visited the sheep farms, and stayed on one for a long time. This collection uses wool extracted in Gurrundah, a village in New South Walesa�� Southern Tablelands,a��a�� he begins, elaborating on how its beautiful landscape and windmills found their way into his prints. While soaking in the atmosphere and mingling with locals for an a�?anthropoligical experiencea��, this winner of the International Woolmark Prize 13/14 hints at a a�?genuinea�� inspiration from his travels. a�?a�?In Australia, how the modern blends so beautifully with the traditional is inspiring. You can see that paradox in my line,a��a�� Mishra explains.

    Shantanu & Nikhil in Jodhpur

    Brothers Shantanu and Nikhil Mehra, who recently launched a collection fit for modern royalty in Hyderabad, say Jodhpur brings their design sensibilities into focus. Their holiday in the walled city saw them residing at the beautiful Raas hotel, with its pink latticed screens and bathtubs set in stone. a�?a�?It resonated with the cultural essence of Rajasthan, while Mehrangarh fort, with its magnificent landscape gave a new definition to contemporary luxury and came with archival value,a��a�� says Nikhil, adding, a�?a�?From the textured walls to the flawless blend of vintage architecture with modern amenities, there was attention to detail at Raas.a��a�� He says the luxurious lifestyle and mannerisms of the Maharaja and Maharanis also helped them explore larger-than-life grandeur through their designs.

    Anita Dongre in Jaipur

    With her unconventional Jaipur Bride amassing followers, Anita Dongre continues to find inspiration in Rajasthan. Her trip last month saw her staying with family in Jodhpur, and finding inspiration in the geometric lines of the citya��s stepwell, which she spent time photographing from every angle possible. a�?Youa��ll see something emerging from that experience in one of next yeara��s collections,a�? she promises. But in Jaipur, she soaked in the quaint atmosphere of the Samode Haveli, and made time for day trips into the Barmer district, where she photographed colourful clothing and picked up textiles made by tribal women. a�?I always take an empty suitcase and somehow manage to fill it with everything from fabric to furniture,a�? she laughs.


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