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    John Foppe comes to Chennai for a talk on inner strength and how to overcome challenges

    It takes sheer determination to live without a limb and it takes even more, to help others who are coping with it. Chennai-based Life by Design, in coordination with Success Gyan, bring us one such person who was born without hands. Meet John Foppe, the 43-year-old motivational speaker from Illinois and author of Whata��s Your Excuse, who will be in the city as part of his debut India tour, starting in Hyderabad on December 14. He will talk about all things related to the strength of our minds, how corporates can use its power to cross the boundaries of self-limitations and how his journey without hands has made him what he is today.

    Over a telephonic conversation, he tells us about his life, family and why he regrets not having met Mother Teresa. a�?My wife, Christine, had to wait a long time to conceive a baby. During one of my speeches in the US we met a few nuns from the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata which was founded by Mother Teresa,a�? he says. a�?They said they would pray for Christine and the following year I became a father to my now six-year-old daughter, Faith Teresa. Since that incident, I have always wanted to visit the Missionaries,a�? he adds. His wife, who assists him on his seminars, has been his strength so far. a�?She has added another dimension to my life, bringing a different kind of normalcy,a�? he says.

    Travel takes up most of his leisure time, apart from giving vent to his artistic abilities, we learn. a�?My public speaking life started at the age of 16 in Haiti. Since then I have been advising corporates on how to improvise their work culture and find solutions to their problems,a�? he informs. a�?My audience mostly comprises social workers, executive directors and so on. They pose their business problems and I tell them they should look within themselves to find the answers,a�? he continues. Saying that his own story will also make up a part of his speech in Chennai he concludes, a�?Being normal is not just limited to the physical aspect as most people think. All things are within reach when you reach within.a�?

    The talk will be held at The Leela Palace on December 19, from 6.30 pm to 9 pm. Tickets from `6,000 onwards. Details: john@visionaryvelocity.com

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