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    Music, film and performing arts get a showcase at The Journey, a day-long festival everyone has been waiting for


    Qaushiq Mukherjee

    HIS is why we are envious of Mumbaiites. On December 14, as Johnnie Walker celebrates its legacy and philosophy through The Journey, a one-day festival, fans will be treated to The Alan Parsons Live Project, the mesmerising Ouroborosa��the Handspring Puppet Company, works by theatre producer John N Hart Jr and creative director Shane Carruth and a�?Qa�� aka Qaushiq Mukherjee. At Mumbaia��s Mehboob Studios, Bhavesh Somaya, the marketing director of Diageo India (Johnnie Walkera��s parent company), says the event will give audiences a wealth of cultural knowledge and inspiring content. a�?We hope to give them an opportunity to interact with experts, share progressive ideas and connect with like-minded people through moving performances, workshops and demonstrations,a�? says Somaya.

    Indian connection
    A big fan of traditional music, Parsons of The Alan Parsons Live Project says, a�?Ia��m a big Ravi Shankar fan. I love the sitar and tabla sounds. So in future, collaborations with distinctive sounds would be great.a�? He plans to showcase previous hits from 1976 to 1987. Parsons last came down in 2007 for the Johnnie Walker One Tree Music Festival. a�?India is an amazing experience and we cana��t wait to return,a�? he says.Meanwhile, Janni Young from Handspring Puppet Company is also looking forward to the experience. a�?We are coming to India for the first time and are really looking forward to our performance and sharing our art and our story with Indian audiences,a�? he says. Audiences will witness the unfolding drama of their puppetsa�� lives. a�?a�?Their interactions form a web of relationships, revealing the interdependence of the past, present and future,a�? heA�shares.Creative director, Shane Carruth, also new to India,A� will show his movie, Upstream Color. a�?a�?Since much of the film tries to communicate in tone rather than dialogue and in universal archtypes rather than contemporary or culturally specific themes, Ia��m hopeful that the Indian audience will have the same experience as the western audience,a�? he says.

    Movie marathon

    Shane Carruth

    Shane Carruth

    From India, we have Qaushiq Mukherjee bringing his band, Gandu Circus, which was born out of Gandu, the film he made in 2010. a�?The band was made keeping in mind the music production in Tasher Desh, a film I made in 2012. It was a massive collective experience, with musicians from around the world. I would like them to see something they have never experienced before,a��a�� he says.

    Tickets at Rs3,000. At Mehboob Studios, Mumbai, on December 14. Details:ankita.anthony@edelman.com
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