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    Actor and stand-up comedian, Johnny Lever, brings his brand of comedy to the city

    People, it seems, want a dash of humour with everything nowadaysa��be it the price rise or a brawl in the neighbourhood. And actor and stand-up comedian, Johnny Lever, is more than happy to oblige. Bringing his show, Johnny Lever Live, to the city for the first time, the 56-year-old will be touching upon current issues and promises the audience an hour of laughing out loud. a�?I am going to be cracking jokes on issues that people can relate toa��everyday subjects like politics, jokes on husbands and wives, and a lot of family drama. In fact, there will also be music and dance,a�? begins the actor, who will be accompanied by his daughter Jamie and stand-up artiste Gaurav Sharma.

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    On for more than 16 years, the show is a big hit in Mumbai. a�?People are stressed out these days. So they want to laugh their hearts out,a�? explains Lever, who enjoys live shows more than movies. a�?Acting in a movie is very different to a live show. Seeing people laugh is a great feeling. And for people like me, I dona��t even have to open my moutha��people just look at me and laugh,a�? he chuckles.
    However, that doesna��t mean hea��s bid goodbye to the big screen. Lever is a part of Ita��s Entertainment, Santa Banta and My Father Godfather. a�?I have become very choosy about my films. There was a time when producers refused to do movies without me in ita��I had my time from the 1990s to 2000. It is time to give the younger generation a chance,a�? he confesses. And his take on comedy in movies? a�?There is no specific character who is allotted comedy anymore; I think everyone does comedy these days,a�? says Lever who considers Nagesh from the Tamil film industry and Mehmood Ali as his inspiration. The comedian signs off stating that after Govinda, comedy comes naturally to Akshay Kumar. And on the telly, Kapil Sharma wins, hands down.

    Catch Johnny Lever Live at The Music Academy, July 18, from 7.30 pm. Tickets from Rs. 500 onwards. Details: indianstage.in

    -Mrinalini Sundar


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