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    In the last couple of years, there has been a surge when it comes to radio stations embracing social media platforms. Each has its own digital channel to push its product, not just locally but also globally. Social media has cut down distances and enabled radio units to have an increased proximity with their consumer. Herea��s what our RJs have to say.

    Ajai Titus, Radio Mirchi
    Radio took on a new avatar with the launch of private FMs and, today, it is going beyond being confined to a box and just audio content. Ita��s no more like the famous song, Video killed the radio star, rather social media and radio together are creating an all-round star. Radio has so beautifully integrated itself with new-age media. It is so important for a radio unit to be omnipresent. Proper use of social media helps with gathering more information from a wider audience on a particular subject. It expands the reach, which is otherwise very area specific and distance bound.

    Sulabha Santhosh, Radio One
    Today, social media is deeply integrated with our everyday lives. Radio cana��t be far from that trend. During the floods, we realised the connect and power of radio. But it was a success because we were able to leverage the power of social media, too. When people opened up their hearts and homes, they also opened up their home pages, sharing information, essential commodities and a lot more. From celebrities to commoners, we could see posts reflecting that emotion. Also, a lot of stories about the people of our city is sourced today from social media.

    Arthi Varanasi, Suryan FM
    A medium to convey and express is always powerful and it can be made meaningful through right channels like social media and radio, which have a cross section of people using it. If put to use effectively, they can be instrumental in making and bringing about huge changes. The power is in our hands.

    See you next week with more radio talk.


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