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    Shop celebrity looks and follow deals with the popular app that is now in India

    A QUICK fix for those who want to stay on trend, Shopcadea��s website and app are here to brighten the monsoon. While the website was launched in India just last week, the e-commerce shopping site began in 2010 and is based in London.

    Speaking about their expansion to India, CEO and co-founder Nathalie Gaveau explains that Indiaa��s large e-commerce presence was a draw. a�?Seeing that India has been a top location for the Shopcade mobile app downloads, wea��re proud to open a dedicated Indian feed,a�? she says. Kriti Tula, the country manager for India, adds that the website and app will focus on India as both a consumer and provider. a�?Our team of bloggers and other influencers will browse the Internet to help Indian Shopcade users sort through the right trends at the right prices,a�? Tula says.

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    The website is divided into sections a�� from the basic a�?girlsa�� and a�?guysa�� to a�?trendinga��, a�?top brandsa�� and a�?top dealsa��, among others. Easy to navi-gate, it gives you the opportunity to go straight to a tab of your preference. Sharing our enthusiasm, designer and quirky milliner, Little Shilpa says, a�?I like the trend-based approach in a mood board format, which makes shopping fun and easy.a�?
    Offering apparel, accessories, shoes and jewellery, you can either buy instantly or save the products you like for later (read: when they go on sale). Some brands here are Dorothy Perkins, Chemistry, Elle, DonebyNone, Forever New, FCUK, and Puma, giving users a wide choice.

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    We particularly love that the app allows users to grade merchandise, even if they dona��t buy it, thus helping future shoppers with their purchase. What we love more, are the options you can rate them as a�� Sexy, OMG, Worth It, Bargain, Yum!, So Fly and LOL, giving you an exact opinion fromA� other shoppers. You can also browse for beauty products, home decor, gadgets and other items in Shopcadea��s global catalogue with over 100 million choices and 150,000 brands.
    On iOS and Android. Details: shopcade.com

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