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    Understanding kolam through three dimensional dance and an unpublished book by Grace Gitadelila

    Auroville-based Grace Gitadelila has grown up among Tamil women. She has watched them draw kolam patterns in the morning and is well versed with the different designs. The artiste specialises in conducting workshops on kolam art through body movements. a�?The kolam lets you understand your body mentally, physically, spiritually and technically. In my workshops, participants can learn how to draw the kolam and how the designs are connected to our body and nature,a�? she begins. Gitadelilaa��s latest discovery is how to transform a two dimensional pattern into a dance movement which is three dimensional. a�?The hexagon which has six sides can easily be converted into a dance movement. The three dimensions are length, width and breadth. People generally take a while to understand the concept as it is technical. Any kolam pattern can be converted into a dance form,a�? she explains.
    The Dutch artiste has also finished writing a book, Through Kolam Eyes,that talks about everything to do with the art. a�?The book deals with how the design of the kolam and the body are connected. I throw light on the different energy points and levels, keeping in mindA� the dots in the kolam and how it is mathematically, geometrically and astronomically relevant. Floor drawings also include plant life, animals and other human beings in some designs. For me the art is like unravelling a treasure trove. I often share a few concepts from the book during my workshops,a�? shares Gitadelila who is looking for publishers. It is not just a folk art but is also being followed professionally, she reveals, adding, a�?I didna��t know that there is a syllabus for kolam designing. Kolam is more to do with celebrating life.a�?Details: 9841412550

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