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    0201CultureAnchor1In the country for their debut tour, the Kiriaka samba-reggae band believes in the transformative power of music. We catch up with them ahead of their city gig.

    How did it all begin?
    We started in 2001 in a village called Kampetorp on the west coast of Sweden. We have since grown from 10 to 40 percussionists and become well-known, playing in street carnivals and in big arenas. This summer we played at the opening ceremony for the Gothia cup, for 55,000 young people from over 70 countries.

    Expectations of the India tour.
    We have played in South and North America, all over Europe, Africa and now finally, we are in India. There are 30 of us here, and our hope is to play in front of many excited people, and to deliver something unexpected musically and that you all will love it!

    Most memorable gig.
    In 2013, we played at the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The audience there was absolutely ecstatic and we played for several hours while everyone danced like crazy.
    Describe your sound.
    Samba-reggae was originally derived as a blend of Brazilian samba with Jamaican reggae. The sound is straighter, slower, and less swung than Rio-style samba.

    What can we expect?
    We play acoustically in the true sense. Not a microphone, no amplifier, just pure drum power! Imagine 30 drums filled with wonderful energy and charisma. It gives us a possibility to always be in motion. The experience is not only the sound, ita��s a full visual journey that should be seen. Ita��s a stage show youa��ll never forget.
    Saturday, 6 pm at Phoenix MarketCity. Tickets (300) on
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