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    When a presenter takes the microphone, the overall experience for the listener and the host should be a unique one. If this is done with consistency, the host will automatically set the bar way above normal standards. This obviously cannot be achieved overnight, but listening to a recording of yourself after a show is a great way to debrief. However, presenters today waltz in and vomit whatever is in their heads and leave. Little do they realise that their verbal display could have caused accidents on the road. If you listen to the new crop of radio hosts, they are cluelessa��much like the Pakistan team that played India last week. While some take that extra effort to course correct, others feel that they deserve the highest recognition possible. Ita��s very difficult, in fact impossible, to convert these extraordinary humans into ear-worthy hosts. These individuals can leave the H2S gas in shame as their style of hosting is far more rotten than the rotten egg smell itself.
    I was listening to a show a while back and found two hosts trying to be funny, with regional mimicry. Unfortunately, it was the most amateurish presentation Ia��ve ever heard on the medium and a 10-year-old could have pulled it off better. Needless to say, the show was a turn-off. However, there isna��t anyone to tell these earthly beings that it is difficult to understand Martian on radio. The problem happens when you recruit many gifted beings and, later, realise the collective power of fools can be quite damaging.
    Ia��m pretty sure that if these new-age presenters were to walk into a spa, the first treatment they would ask for would be an ego massage. If you are looking to cast for the third part of Dumb and Dumber, we have a lot to offer in the form of presenters on radio. See you next week with more radio talk.


    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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