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    A musical travelogue shot by two filmmakers gives you a glimpse of the majestic Himalayas

    Put together like a travelogue, Way Back Home is a new show on Pepsi MTV Indies by two travel enthusiasts – Rohan Thakur (filmmaker-musician) and Bharati Bahrani (filmmaker). The music, created by Thakur, is inspired by the trip. They tell us more about their adventures and the behind-the-scenes stories.

    What prompted this trip?
    Rohan: I was born in Manali, went to boarding school in Mussoorie (St. George’s), and then to Australia to study further. There’s always been this urge to return and immerse myself in the ‘mountain life’.
    Bharati: Asad (founder Shoelace Films) approached me saying that he wanted to produce a travel show and that was my opportunity to go and explore the Himalayas!

    Top priority during planning.
    Rohan: We wanted the show to have a certain casual attitude, while being as experiential as possible and completely honest
    Bharati: Also since we had to shoot during the winter the landscape is drop dead gorgeous! And people are out celebrating, rejoicing, relaxing. Basically, it’s super chilled out!

    Biggest challenges on the trip.
    Rohan: The cold, over a span of four months, can get to you. I remember shooting an Astral time lapse at night from my room window with freezing winds and temperatures. It was a ‘numb’ night for me in the village of Kibber (Spiti), also one of the highest villages in the world.
    Bharati: We climbed up to the Village of Malana once the sun had set, up a narrow zig-zagging one-foot wide path, in the middle of a snow storm, so we couldn’t really shoot while we were climbing up, but this was one of the toughest, albeit also stupidest things we’ve ever done!

    Any culinary highlights?
    Bharati: We stayed at a lot of home stays and ended up eating whatever was being made. It was really simple food but extremely delicious. I think because a lot of it was organic, (and trust me on this), even a boiled potato with some salt tasted heavenly.

    How has travel changed you?
    Rohan: There’s way too much stuff to see and experience out there. Travel makes you look at things from a different perspective, and also the way you look at your own life, changes.
    Bharati: Travelling made me realise that I’m like a tiny, little speck in this ginormous Universe! There is so much to learn and do and feel out there! I think merely one lifetime isn’t enough!

    Your comments on music as an integral part of the show.
    Rohan: The songs are more about how I perceive the mountains, and what I imagine my future to be like, and just my connection with these giants. All the songs are about having a good time and connecting with nature and truly feeling it. I wrote these songs because they describe the lifestyle of my people and take me into the minds of the locals.
    Bharati: I think that the music that Rohan has composed for the show really expresses what we felt while we were travelling. It has a very feel-good and chilled vibe to it.

    The best part of filming.
    Rohan: It’s like kids playing with toys! I’ve literally had my camera up people’s noses while they were probably wondering, “What is wrong with this guy?!” Most of the time, people think that you are taking a picture! It’s a perfect cover for the way we film.

    Wednesdays at 9 pm.

    — Aakanksha Devi


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