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The Parisian promises songs that represent her in some way

A FREQUENT visitor to Auroville, Juliette Katz plans to record a new song, film a short documentary and present concerts in Chennai and Pondicherry this time.A� The beautiful French singer confesses that she loves to a�?live in the momenta�? and does not have a long-term strategy. a�?All of my songs represent me in some way. I am very spontaneous and dona��t really think about whata��s coming next,a�? says the 20-something artiste and part-time model, who has recently acted in a comedy by Romain Goupil, scheduled for next spring. Having lived in Auroville at the age of 10, she says experiences like going to school barefoot and surviving without electricity for a few days have had a positive effect on her, teaching her that there are many paths to happiness. Often compared to Engligh singer-songwriter Adele, even if their styles are very different, Katza��s lyrics are optimistic, with a sense of humour. She is equally comfortable with pop and soul, and has a soothing voice. And she enjoys experiments like the a�?apartment toursa�� that see her performing at an apartment for half an hour, in front of a small audience. a�?I enjoy the rapport stemming from this intimate setting, though I also find it very intimidating!a�? she admits. That said, it is the a�?reala�� interactions in India that she treasures the most.
August 14, 7.30 pm, at Alliance Francaise.
Details: 28279803

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