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    While Indie bands continue their struggle in the Bollywood dominated market, some have really found success and particularly due to new initiatives, a few brands in India have taken to promoting totally home grown music.

    Contraband, an initiative by Universal Music and VH1 has been promoting these talents relentlessly. They first signed on Lost Stories, tag team DJs for a multiple record deal and a string of performances across the country. Just recently, Universal Music, also with Contraband, signed on Boomarang, a band from the North East which probably have their largest fan base, apart from their own state, in Bangalore. Boomaranga��s guitarist whose name is Boom(sic) who performed at Kyra in 2009 said, a�?We owe most of our success to the fans in the North East, but if there is any other city in mainland India, it will be Bangalore.a�? Boomarang will now release an album with Universal Music and will tour across all Hard Rock Cafes in India to promote their album. I have personally known Boomarang for a very long time and their honest approach to music. They have struggled and sometimes considered disbanding. Outfits like Contra-band have helped bands like these gain confidence to navigate a challenging yet exciting journey.

    Now I see a spark in the band and the motivation that was always there, but had somehow disappeared with every request for free shows and free music. There has to be a collective effort to promote more home grown bands. While support from large brands like Universal and Indigo will keep coming, listeners and music lovers must pay for music that we listen to and cannot take for granted.

    Best wishes to Boomarang (find them on facebook.com/boomarangband) from Bangalore.

    m trigam.m@jupitermail.in
    Trigam Mukherjee is a communications and events specialist with Radio Indigo


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