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These songs A�leap frog others in hopes of breaking into the top 10

Stolen Dance
Jumping a whopping nine places A�in one week, Milky Chance goes from A�number 36 to 27 with Stolen Dance. Easy going with a catchy rhythm the lyrics will lure you into joining in the tune every time it plays. The guitar sits nicely on the beats without being independent nor intrusive. Great to put you in a good mood A�despite the cloudy days.

Girls Chase Boys
Ingrid Michaelson too make a jump of nine places to number 28 with her break-up anthem Girls Chase Boys. a�?Ia��m a little bit down but Ia��m not dead. Therea��s a little bit more that has to be said,a�? sings 34-year-old, giving us a fresh take on love songs and hints at girl power. We love that the playful song lends itself to a night club, road trip or just a run in the park.

Bang Bang
Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj team up for Bang Bang which unsurprisingly is an explosive party jammer. With powerhouse vocals, Jessie J joins in at the verse with Grande joining in soon after giving it a very classic 90s pop vibe. Of course Minaj adds her quirk and rhyme though not as impressive as the other two ladies. It skip up eight places to number 17A�Delirious With his new album, Neon FutureA�I, Steve Aokia��s new single with Kid Ink is an up-tempo potential club anthem. Kid Ink fits right in the club record with quality verses that add the ideal infectious hook to the song. Up eight places from 20 to 13, this one looks set to break in toA�the top 10 soon.

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