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Smart A�gadgets for a A�great beer experience

Most of us like to unwind over a mug of beer after a long, and arduous day at work. But if our favourite drink is not cool enough, it can easily dampen the mood. We came across a few gadgets with which you can have your beer, just the way you like, all within a matter of a few minutes.
Part of The Beer Cafea��s merchandise line, The Beerosphere, the collection also includes cushion covers, playing cards, candles, and laptop sleeves. Rahul Singh, CEO of this popular chain, tells us that the idea was to roll out handy and utilitarian products, which can also be extended as gifts to beer geeks. The lover of Leffe, Hoegaarden and Blue Moon gives us details on the four products.

Spin Chill: Fix your beer bottle on this plate, place it in an ice bucket and switch it on. The plate will start rotating, and, therefore, drastically increasing heat transfer between the warm liquid and cold ice. A minute or two is all it takes. This one is quite handy, and can be carried in your travel bag.Rs 2,990.

Chill Puck: If you like to nurse your drink for an extended period of time, Chill Puck should have you covered. It is a plastic ice pack, which looks like a coaster, that can be fixed at the bottom of aluminium cans, with the help of a flexible band. It chills your beverage while you drink! To reuse it, simply refreeze it. Rs 1,190.

Sonic Foamer: If your beer has been out for too long, and you want its froth back, place the glass on this plate and switch it on. In the next 60 seconds, you can see bubbles rising up. The Sonic Foamer uses ultrasonic vibrations to create the perfect head, adding froth, and aroma back to your pint. Rs 3,750.

USB Mini Fridge: This tiny refrigerator can be plugged into a laptop with a USB cable. Once that is done, the tray inside the fridge begins to cool. So while you are finishing up your work on your laptop, or even a PC, your beer is getting ready. Ita��s portable, and requires no batteries. Rs 1,950.Details: beerosphere.com

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