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    Our pick of apps that promise fake identities and a giggle or two

    Our phones are loaded with apps for every need and occasion. But, aside from games, there arena��t many that can give us a laugha��like the popular Fake-A-Message app that can fool your friends into thinking you are besties with Shah Rukh Khan. Herea��s looking at other absurd options:
    Fake Conversation: This app fakes an inbound call and even plays pre-recorded audio, so you can repeat whata��s being said and fool those around you into thinking you are someone you are not. The audio pre-sets include magazine editor, pilot, doctor, lawyer and more. Available on iTunes. Details: itunes.apple.com
    Invisible Boyfriend/Girlfriend: This onea��s for singletons who are fed up with being asked about their special someone. You can not only create the profile of an imaginary partner, but the app will also let you interact with him/her through texts and voicemail. An introductory offer package includes 100 text messages, 10 voicemails, and one handwritten note. Details: invisibleboyfriend.com
    Whatsfake: You can fake an entire conversation on a platform that resembles Whatsapp and fool your friends. This app lets you show if the a�?fake persona�� is online or typing, change the time of the messages and switch between sent or received. You can also share your fake chats, as it is integrated with Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. Compatible with iOS. Details: whatsfakeapp.com
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