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    A mobile game that turns you
    into a typography expert

    At a time when blood, gore and football games reign supreme, this little surprise beautifully blends puzzles, game-play and a bit of history. The first game by Arte (a French TV channel) in collaboration with game publisher BulkyPix, Type:Rider was released on October 10. It lets you control two tiny dotsa��either the colon or the umlauta��and the puzzle-platformer teaches you about typography as you play. As the game progresses you are taken through 10 stylish worlds that mark milestones in the evolution of text. You get to control the dots and slide through type-themed words and solve puzzles that stay true to the stage of typography history you are in. Type:Ridera��s controls are simple, providing three options: tilt, virtual buttons, and the more intuitive default option. With default, tap the left side of the screen to move left, the right side to move right, and both sides simultaneously to jump. It is tricky at first but if, like us, you play it several times, rolling through history gets easier.
    Word play
    Each world is littered with letters, obstacles and collectible archives that tie in with a designated era/font. You start off at cave paintings and go along solving puzzles, some involving physics. We love the graphic and realistic environments that serve as background. Be it a cathedral or rails, you need to guide the dots to the exit in once piece, picking up letters and ampersands along the way. After a few tries, youa��ll be a pro on where italics came from!
    Fine print
    The game features fantastic music and sound effects along the way. So from speeding through the markings on the
    walls or prehistoric caves and gliding into the letter press, this ingenious and interactive game is worth the tiny price you pay to download it.
    `185 on iOS and Android. Details:
    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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