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    Vicky Ratnani serves up Indian recipes with a contemporary twist. Buying depakote

    Working with familiar and indigenous dishes, Celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani creates gourmet surprises in his new show, Vicky Goes Desi, to be aired on NDTV Good Times.

    The brother of celebrity photographer Dabboo Ratnani explains, ai???The show is my attempt to introduce a unique twist to the dishes that we already cook in our households.

    You will see me preparing items ranging from a bowl of rawa cooked in beetroot and coconut sauceai??i??a favourite of mineai??i??to red poha and paprika pancakes.ai???

    The show consists of 13 episodes spread over three months, where Vicky will prepare close to 30 recipes, including the likes of red cabbage thoran and ash gourd amla, among others.

    ai???For the last two years, I have been visiting different food markets in various cities like Kochi, Hyderabad, Amritsar and Ahmedabad. There, I looked out for dishes made with seasonal produce that are generally ignored in household kitchens, like pumpkin (to be seen in a jalfrezi, along with fox nuts), amla, drumstick, beetroot, and others,ai??? he says.

    He piques our interest with unheard-of gastronomical creations; potato waffles made with rajgira, or risotto cooked with oatmeal, barley, jowar, dahlia and brown rice, anyone?

    Informing us of an upcoming stint in Australia, the Chef signs off, saying, ai???There are also my adventures in Peru, which you can watch on my YouTube channel, Vickyai??i??s World.ai???

    Vicky Goes Desi premieres tomorrow. On NDTV Good Times, 8.30 pm.

    Details: vickyratnani.com

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