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    Blending the comfort of Indian khadi with the silhouettes of western wear, Grass by designer Gitika Goyal is a fusion of sorts. a�?Cross-cultural clothing is the way forward. We express our identities best through fusion clothing,a�? says the Bengaluru-based designer. With the likes of Rolling Stonea��s Mick Jagger (he picked a short bolero jacket with brocade work) on her list of clientele, Goyal launched her collection in London in 1998. Goyal started retailing from two concept stores simultaneously a�� Joss Graham gallery and Graham and Green store in London.
    In India, Grass was launched online in July, and introduced offline at Casablanca, Pondicherry in August. a�?I dona��t believe in the gym kind of physique. People take a lot of stress to fit into clothes. They shouldna��t do that,a�? she says, quickly adding, a�?We do have fitting clothes.a�? Her range of bright, cotton shorts, shift dresses, blouses and kaftans will be available in Chennai till September 9.
    Goyal explores the diversity of India by naming her clothes after an Indian city or town. Her short kaftan top, for example, was named after Pondicherry, because its relaxed fitting reminded her of the laid-back atmosphere of the town. a�?I have travelled a lot and it comes out in different ways. It is an organic process, not something deliberate,a�? says the 47-year-old designer. In Gurgaon, she observed tall, glass panelled buildings with distorted reflections on it. And that sparked an idea to create a camisole top with wavering checks. When asked if there is something named after our city, Goyal laughs as she replies, a�?Not yet. But with its silk saris and music festivals, it may inspire me to create something in future.a�?Currently, she is working on her new range for Diwali.
    At The Amethyst Room, Chamiers Road. Priced between Rs.699 and Rs.1,999. Details: 43042099
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