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A new wellness treatment at Park Hyatt caters to your body type and pushes all the right buttons

For this version of martial arts you need to let down your guard. Varmam, an advanced form of Keralaa��s Kalaripayattua��which uses pressure points to incapacitate an opponenta��when converted into chikitsa (treatment) is a great stress buster and pain reliever. And thata��s what the new spa manager at The Park Hyatt, Dr Abhilash Haridas, would like to give his clients. a�?Ia��m launching Ayurvedic treatment with elements of varma chikitsa soon (date to be finalised),a�? says the doctor who completed his Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery studies from Mangalore University.

abhiTake your time
Promoting a spa-centric stay, Haridas advocates the traditional therapy, tailormade for the one-hour format. a�?We will do Ayurveda treatment in a contemporary setting without compromising on its principles. And the first step is a wellness consultation where we assess a persona��s body type (vata, pitta, kapha), recommend treatment and even guide them on their diet and activities,a�? he says, adding that many spas have forgotten the basics of Ayurvedic treatment.A� a�?Lots of hotels will let their guests do shirodhara (pouring liquids over the forehead to relax you) just for a day. But, actually, you need a minimum of three days,a�? he says.

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Varma chikitsa adds to the whole experience. a�?A knowledge of the pressure points helps us target specific aches. Then we use Ayurvedic oils to give a deep tissue or a soft massage,a�? says Haridas, who has over 10 years experience at Taj Hotelsa�� Jiva spa and Seychellesa�� Fregate Island Priv-ate resort.

Open to non-residents, too. Details: 71771234

-Surya Praphulla Kumar


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