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Over 56 delectable dishes from the valley on to your platter at Siesta Hitech

Kashmir is not 2,360 km away from Hyderabad anymore. It is right here at Siesta Hitech, the multi-cuisine restaurant near Kondapur. The Kashmiri cuisine or Kashur Khyon, however you would love to call it, is all set to treat not just your tastebuds with the taste of kesar but also soothe the eyes with the garnish that looks as exquisite as the Kashmiri scarves and carpets. The fest will break the stereotype that Kashmiri delicacies are not for spice lovers.
Raj Singh, Vice-president at Siesta Hitech, says, a�?There are two types of Kashmiri cuisine one is that of the Pandits and the second of the Wazwans. The Kashmiri Pandits or Brahmins are famous across India as these pandits were known for eating non-vegetarian food except beef.a�? The festival will feature three local chefs coming all the way from Kashmir. The hotel staff will wear traditional pathanis.
While here, also enjoy dishes from different communities of Kashmir – Pandit and Wazwan. a�?Kashmiri Pandits were known for eating more of lamb and the wazwans were known for preparing anything and everything out of mutton,a�? says Singh.
The hotel would present around 56 dishes on a rotation basis. Going further deep into the menu, the hotel would have Aloo Badeh, Nadir Mand, Reshmi Kokur Kebab and Murgh Jafrani among others for starters. Ghostaba, Rogan Josh, Mujh Gaad are a few main course dishes that would be presented during the festival. The desserts would have special firnis, Kashmiri signature sweet dish. Besides this, the hotel would be serving Kahwah – the valleya��s very own green tea with a hint of saffron, dash of spice and fortified nuts.
The Kashmiri Food Festival would begin from today at Siesta Hitech and would be on till July 24 daily from 7 pm to 11 pm. Price `750 (++) Details: 42420000

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