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A�A breakthrough ad, an NBS star comes to life and a father dances to his daughtera��s tunes

Coffee break
Nescafe has outdone itself with this new brilliant ad. Created by ad film and Bollywood director and writer Vinil Mathew, the new theme is #ItAll Starts with Nescafe, and stars actor Hussain Dalal who plays a comedian. He tells an audience of his stammering problem and how he used to be teased about it, specially since he wanted to be a comedian. From rejection to support and triumph, it shows how Nescafe a�?keeps him going and keeps others awakea��.
Slam dunk
Jeremy Lin is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers and this NBA playerA� has some talent off the court as well! A wax figure of him was put in at the San Francisco Madame Tussaud museum. But the museum invited the star to actually play statue for the visitors and pop out at the opportune moment! Just when fans were taking pictures with what they thought was a wax figure, Jeremy would jump and startle them. An amusing watch.
In the genes
Father, P Rinder clearly loves to dance and hea��s passed on the passion for that and pop music to his little daughter too. This video records the two dancing without a care in the world, to Taylor Swifta��s new song Shake it Off. While Daddy doesna��t seem too in character at first, the little girl is clearly having a marvellous time and that rubs off on her dad later. Watch their other video to All About The Bass to get you in the mood too!

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