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Keep your cool

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41 days of competiveness, bonhomie and close-ups on TV. Why you should get a sports luxe wardrobe for the IPL season

An IPL match can be a complete party with DJ music, a cheering crowd, painted face, the pom poms and the mandatory IPL horn. And while most of the matches are taking place in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, the last leg of the tournament will see the action coming to the country. Here are some tips from the experts on ways to look stylish yet stay cool while rooting for your favourite amidst the heat and the dust. As Mumbai-based celebrity stylist Nisha Kundnani puts it, a�?The IPL is a perfect time to play up the a�?Sports Luxea�� trend as seen on the international and Indian runways.a�?

Keep your cool
Delhi-based designer Shweta Kapur, who is known for luxury sportswear, says, a�?Sportswear essentials like bomber/varsity jackets and ribbed track pants in a luxe fabric are a perfect fit.a�?

Kundnani suggests a�?breathable fabrics, smart cuts, stylish patterns and modern labels.a�?

For chic, sporty women, Mumbai designer Nikhil Thampi picks a�?shorts in a soft fabric with boyfriend shirt, styled with a stunning neck piece; or a good pair of denims and ganji, a maxi dress or an A-line chiffon dress with a crop top teamed with a pair of good sunglasses.a�?

A�Colour wise
a�?Go loud and add a bit of print to your wardrobe. For the less experimental, pair a printed separate with something solid to create an impact,a�? says Delhi-based designer Yogesh Chaudhary. a�?Stick to reds, pinks, yellows and greens a��they all make a statement,a�? says Kapur.

Thampia��s tip? a�?Soothing tones like whites, beige, pale yellow and powder blue work. a�?

The add ons
Heading to an after-match party? Carry a light blazer to throw over your crop top or dress. And accessorise smart.

a�?Leather is a go-to accessory this season. Replace wristbands with fun leather cuffs in monotone hues. Ditch that clutch for a more sporty duffel or backpack,a�? Kapur says.
Make-up factor
Chennai-based make up artist, Akriti Sachdev says, a�?Keep a pack of blotting tissues handy, as these will help absorb excess oil.a�? She also suggests using a good oil-free primer along with a long wear lipstick and a water proof eye liner, so your make-up looks fresh.

-Sumitra Nair