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    UKa��s Filter Theatre brings anarchy, laughs and music with their version of Twelfth Night

    A cast dressed in scruffy clothes and a stage that looks ready for a rock concert does not really lend itself to our image of a production of Shakespeare. In fact, in Filter Theatrea��s Twelfth Night, the actors work as musicians, too. a�?If we can blur the line between what constitutes a performer, then we have done our job,a�? smiles Oliver Dimsdale, the associate director of the UK-based devising theatre company. In its tenth year of performance (it premiered at the Complete Works Festival in Stratford-Upon-Avon in 2006), the play is a contemporary vision and a�?a response to the first line of the play, a�?If music be the food of love, play ona��,a�? states Dimsdale. We see that in how the play opens in the middle of a jam session and how the great storm is portrayed through aA� BBC shipping forecast. But whata��s most interesting is its actor-audience relationship. Previous shows have seen actors dressing in jackets borrowed from the crowd and even sharing a box of pizza with them! a�?The performers let themselves be inspired on stage on a nightly basis. While much of the show is tightly rehearsed, many areas are left open,a�? he says. Though they work from a pre-cut script (of 80 minutes), and have removed lines that arena��t too understandable, theya��ve mostly stuck to the Barda��s words. The musica��composed by Londoners Tom Haines and Ross Hughes, and ranging from jazz to rocka��also keeps with the mood. Brought down by The British Council, the team will conduct an acting workshop ahead of the show on December 8, at their library (10-11.30 am, 9884029866).
    December 8-9, at 7 pm, Phoenix MarketCity. Details: 30083008

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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