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    We get up close and personal with A�Jeremy Hackett, A�founder of the iconic mena��s A�wear label

    He HAS dressed some of the most influential figures over three decades, keeping his signature classic cuts intact yet staying abreast of style shifts and changes. Jeremy Hackett, the man who started with a modest vintage clothes shop in London and grew it into a label synonymous with well-made, sophisticated clothes for men with a touch of British panache, reveals the nuances of his iconic style and the importance of customisation.

    Growing a legacy
    I started Hackett more than 30 years ago and had no thoughts about building a legacy. I decided to create my own brand, selling well-made classical British clothes and it just took off. It struck a chord for many men who required stylish clothes that were fashionable, yet not high fashion. For me, it is about being one step ahead of our customers, not three. It is only when I look back over a period of ten years that I can see how the brand has evolved.

    Being truly Hackett
    The notable features of a Hackett garment shows through in our attention to detail whether that is choice of cloth, linings or buttons and the cut, and when all these elements are brought together, it is very apparent. We look at fashion and take only what works from a Hackett point of view.

    Autumn/Winter 2014
    It is all about tailoring that is soft and relaxed and exudes style with a quiet elegance. We are famous for our use of colour and colour blocking is a strong feature in this line.

    Making it personal
    It is often said that when gentlemen anywhere in the world become successful, they head to London to have their suits, shirts and shoes made a�� a reputation that Britain is famous for. The idea that it is individual appeals to so many of our clients.

    Getting fitted
    The tailor will start by evaluating the clientsa�� needs and recommending a particular style that includes taking him through an enormous range of materials. He will then take a comprehensive set of measurements. The part I find most customers enjoy is choosing the linings and pocket arrangements and buttons. The part he least enjoys is paying for it.A�`35,000 upwards for suits. A�At UB City, Vittal Mallya A�Road. Details: 41490999

    Best dressed men in history:
    The Duke of Windsor a�� his innovations still remain staples of British gentlemena��s wardrobes.
    Cary Grant a�� nobody looked more
    elegant in a dinner jacket.

    Best dressed Indian man:
    Anil Kapoor a�� if I am known as Mr Classic, he surely is Mr India.

    Five wardrobe essentials:
    ?1. Navy suit 2. Dinner jacket 3. Tweed jacket 4. Navy blazer 5. Linen handkerchief.

    a��Susanna Chandy


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