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    Sustainable label, Sense Organics, makes its way to India

    It was back in 1996 that organic kidswear brand, Sense Organics, was launched. And interestingly, Germany was its very first market. Having gained a foothold in the Western European nation, the label then made inroads into other countries like Switzerland and the UK. Currently available in 11 nations across the globe, the label is finally making its way to India, next month.
    This might read like the story of every high street, fast fashion label that has entered the country. But thata��s where all the similarities end. Run by Sreeranga Rajan, Bengaluru-based Sense Organics was never sold in India in all of its 20 years of existence. So why start now? a�?I feel that ita��s only now that the Indian market is ready for something like Sense Organics,a�? explains Rajan, CEO, whose family has a cotton farming business in Tirupur.
    As the name indicates, their products are completely organic, and made from 100 per cent cotton. The business is sustainable in more ways than one a�� they function on wind energy and advocate zero wastage, with all excesses converted to paper, which is used for packaging. a�?I have seen the havoc conventional cotton farming wreaks on the environment and the farmers. My label is a way of giving back to the community,a�? shares Rajan.
    The designs, conceptualised by Rajan and his team of experts, are vibrant, colourful and fun. a�?We have a core collection available throughout the year and one seasonal collection at any given time. Right now, there is a line of summer-friendly, bright and cheerful clothes in hues, such as powder blue, peach and crimson,a�? he shares. There is also a strong presence of quirky and adorable prints that range from botanical to animal motifs and Hawaiian dancers. Geared towards young, environmentally conscious parents, garments include dresses, T-shirts, trousers, hats, bibs, baby grows, bodysuits and gowns.

    Skin deep
    Apart from clothes, the label also addresses parentsa�� need for organic skincare with products such as body shampoos, baby lotions, and healing balms.Rs 549 upwards. At HSR Layout. Details: sense-organics.com

    label speak
    With the Show Your Label week by Fair Trade India in full swing, Rajan has opened up his factories in Bengaluru and Tirupur, to let the public interact with workers and see how their clothes are made. The same applies a cure for genital herpes to Pondicherry-based Anjali Schiavina of Mandala Apparels. a�?I feel it would benefit customers if they get to talk to our workers, see the processes involved,a�? says Schiavina.

    -Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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