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    Blues veterans, Ministry of Blues, on their unique artistic outlook and high-energy live music

    In an age where amateur musicians churn out digital releases every week, youa��ll be hard pressed to find any official recordings of this Bengaluru-based blues-rock band. In fact, Ministry of Bluesa��comprising Vinoo Mathew (bass), Rauf Abdul (keyboard/vocals), David Boon (drums) and Philipe Haydon (guitars/vocals)a��has never crafted an album and firmly adhere to playing live. Their school of thought is centred around the belief that direct interaction between musicians and audiences is the most valid form of music, rather than plastic or virtual copies of sound played in sterile atmospheres. We speak to the quartet prior to their performance at Hotel Savera, for the second weekend of The Music Festival, to find out more.
    On their tunes
    We play a genre of music that originated in the 1900s, but blend it with a distinctly 21st-century flair. Our intention is to play this music in a manner that is enjoyable to both the discerning blues aficionado as well as the lover of todaya��s rock.
    Upcoming projects
    We have recorded some of our own music, and in the future, we may publish this ourselves, but it will merely serve as a calling card. Ours is a single-minded agenda – play live, play live some more, and then do that again.
    Tour diary
    Wea��ve got shows lined up in Chennai, Bengaluru and Kochi for the next few months.

    Tickets Rs 500. At Hotel Saveraa��s Bay 146. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

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